About Luxy Star Lichttechnik Inc.
Luxy Star is a brand new start-up funded in 2012 by the Chief Designer Louis and CEO Lorenz in Berlin, Germany.
The idea is to bring together experts in providing LED lighting products with excellent design in order to introduce outstanding
products never imagined before and of course affordable! The company is therefore mainly focused on innovation and follows the
process from patenting new technologies to their manufacturing.

The basics bricks in our products creation steps are: energy saving, beauty, easy to use, and reaching a large audience.
Oozing creativity and spirit, Berlin is Europe's capital of cool. It is full of culture, with renewed economic hope.
The company is surrounded by old and new, and thousands of genius with engineering backgrounds. These ingredients create a
huge innovation capacity and you will be surprised by products developed and manufactured by Luxy Star.
Take a wonderful tour and do not hesitate to contact us.

Since Fukushima Japan tragedy, people have experienced a life made of suspicion and low electricity power capacity.
It became obvious we need pioneer solutions that save more energy and bring security to people in everyday life.
It came naturally to us that we need to protect people in saving their life from pollution and aggressions.
This is the Luxy Star guideline and the reason we bring LED lighting solutions to all the people.

Although I painted a dark portrait of society we still want to enhance the beautiful aspects of life.
We therefore designed low carbon emissions LED lighting products that are beautiful, practical and affordable.
Which make me think that sexy does not always mean expensive!
We sincerely hope that our products will make your life safer and easier, through our design.

Louis Schmidt - Luxy Star Chief Designer